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  • Assessments

  • We assess students and collect evidence of their learning and development
  • Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome

  • We offer testing and can offer solutions for both children and Adults
  • Private Tutoring

  • A little help can go a long way.


We assess students and collect evidence of their learning and development

Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome

We offer testing and can offer solutions for both children and Adults

Private Tutoring

A little help can go a long way.

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All of our tutors are Registered VIT teachers.

Our tutoring supports goal setting, addresses individual student strengths and weaknesses, encourages motivation and builds academic self-confidence.

We help students reach their full potential.

We assess students and interprete to make a program and intervention decision for extending the students learning and development


We assess students and collect evidence of their learning and development.

This is then analysed and interpreted to make a program and intervention decisions for extending the student's learning and development. Age alone cannot measure a child’s skill or capacity.



Those who have Irlen Syndrome see reading and/or the environment differently and need to make adaptations or compensations to what they see. Often they are unaware that what they are seeing is different to those who do not have Irlen Syndrome. This can require extra energy and effort needed for reading and perception. This can also affect individuals from reading effectively and efficiently along with writing including spelling.


School Reports

Was it what you thought it would be?

Did it adequately reflect your child's strengths and abilities?

How is the school going to support your child and challenge or extend their learning?

Or, was it "all is fine" but as their parent you really know, "all is not fine"?

We understand the needs of students and how all children are unique. No two children learn or develop the same, so they shouldn't be expected to achieve the same results at the same time.

If you have doubts or concerns with your child's academic results, contact us for either an independent assessment or individual and private tutoring.

Remember, you know your child best!


When Molly was presented with her Irlen lenses, and we heard her read, we were very emotional, not to mention the difference in her quality and pace of her reading. It was like day and night.

She gained more confidence and had a willingness to want to continue reading. The lenses have changed her outlook and attitude to reading.

The lenses have also given Molly the chance to catchup with the level of reading for her age group.


"I always felt I had to work harder than everyone else tolearn.  I struggled with reading and comprehension.  This causedpeople to laugh at me and make unfriendly comments.

Then in 2012, my whole life changed forever when I met GloriaThomas.  Gloria took the time to understand me and then provide me with myfirst pair of Irlen lenses.

For the first time in my life I saw the rods on a page clearly and I wasnot tied all the time.  My work dramatically changed for thebetter.  I was a more cool, calm, collective person who was now not afraidto put herself out there.

I see my Irlen Syndrome as my super power.  It makes me think,communicate and learn in my own unique way.  Thank you Glorias for takingthe time and I will be forever grateful I met you."


My son has Tourette Syndrome.  Robyn was very supportive and she developed strategies to allow him time out when his tics became unmanageable.

Robyn’s compassion, good hearted humour, openness, approachability and teaching skills served to help make the year much more manageable for both Tommy and I


The Irlen syndrome made red and blue lines appear randomly across words.

When we first discovered what colour I needed  I cried because I was so happy that I would finally know what trees, birds and everything would look like normally!  I was just so happy that I would be able to see!

​Thank you for giving me the ability to read!

Jacalyn P - Yr 7

My son was in Grade 3 last year and was struggling at school.  His teacher pointed out that at times he appeared to be straining to look at words or placing his face very close to a page to read and suggested he be screened for Irlen dyslexia.

​Robyn’s made both Riley and myself very comfortable during the test.  I think that these tests are necessary to rule out or pin point issues that children have when there is a learning difficulty involved so that we can make learning easier for Children. 

Jacqui S