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"The Works" Fidget Kit


Try ALL seven best sellers in one tin! Save $25!

“The Works Fidget Kit” has an amazing range of sensory tools in it, from the super soft ‘caterpillar’ to the high sensory input ‘spikey’ and everything in between.

This kit is the perfect package to work out which fidgets best suit you and/or the recipient. It contains: the medium magic ball, the small single loop, the small centipede, the silver spikey, the cog and the black caterpillar.

For the ultimate range, Kaiko highly recommend the infinity hand rollers, especially for teens and adults. They come in a number of weights, the heavier options are also great for anxiety as they function as a portable ‘weighted’ product.


Kaiko Fidget sensory tools can assist with:

  • Supporting mental health and reducing anxiety
  • Emotional regulation and sensory input
  • Focus and concentration – great for a study or work tool
  • Tactile awareness and desensitisation
  • Hand function – improving fine motor, strength and circulation
  • Managing stress
  • Active listening – can increase focus and attention
  • Reducing undesirable habits – such as: nail biting, tapping, hair twirling, pen clicking, leg bouncing, smoking, etc
  • Sensory seeking substitutions – finding a more socially acceptable outlet for sensory preferences

Not recommended for children under three years old.