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Pop It - Push and Pop


Push and Pop It Push it, push and pop its, Pop it, Play the mouse game. Known as a push n pop, popit, pop it, bubble pop, push pop & likened to a simpl dimpl (simple dimple) fidget. Whatever you call it, this non-toxic silicone sensory toy is both a sensory tool and game.

The lighter resistance ones come unboxed.

The stronger ones are in NEW KAIKO packaging.

We are excited to have added the STRONG resistance version to the line up in  rainbow. Please note the lines of the colours are not perfect, this is consistent on all of them and not a defect. 

Press the bubbles down, it makes a slight popping sound. The original purpose of these was a logic /strategy game. There are countless videos on YouTube showing you how to play.

Likened to bubble wrap, personally, I don't think it's similar but who am I to argue with the masses. Check out our magnetic pad if you like bubble wrap. Now that is amazing for a similar sensation.

I have come to really enjoy playing the game though. It’s simple and a portable game/tool for the handbag.