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Jumbo Smoosho Neon Squishy Ball


A big, soft stress ball full of high quality Smooshos foam to give these balls a really wonderful soft and squishy feel. The colours are vibrant.

There is something amazingly soothing about using these two handed, kneading and stretching it. It is like a big marshmallow or cloud of softness that engulfs your hands. Kaiko report, 'these are the best squishes I've come across for both adults and kids.'

Kaiko originally bought one for Kai (their son) and couldn't believe it survived more than 12 months before finally succumbed to the bin! Pretty impressive. That said, it is possible with rough handling to break these quickly. Those who like to test the boundaries of their sensory range WILL break them. Please note that if it's not faulty on first use, we cannot offer warranty just because it hasn't survived rough handling.

Rest assured it is a great calming tool and great way to work on fine motor development and hand function & strength.

Not recommended for children who may try to bite or chew, especially ages 3 and below. Avoid aggressive squishing and poking with fingers. DO not poke other objects into the ball.