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Brick Style Cube


This will be a hit for the Lego lovers!

This super smooth and highly tactile cube is great as the brick style pieces can come off if stuck to redo/'reset' which is wonderful for those that have difficulty with emotional regulation. The pieces are on quite firm so don't just fall off when in use which is important for safety and regulation.

Many use the Lego removal tool (orange thing that comes in most Lego kits) if wanting to take pieces off to redo it. You can also use your fingernails, but this is harder.

Important when making the faces of the cube to put all the same colour on each side to start with, otherwise you cannot actually solve the cube once mucked up.

Great gift for Lego lovers. Photos shown courtesy of a happy customer of some creative things you can do with it also!


Not suitable for children under 3 as pieces can pose a choking hazard.