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The uniqueness and individuality of every child is what defines them. Every child develops academically, socially and physically at their own rate. No two children will ever develop, in every aspect, at the same rate and at the same time. So how do parents know when, how and if their child is reaching their full learning potential?

​As a parent have you ever questioned whether your child is achieving educationally to the required standards and expectations? Has your child’s school report indicated they are ‘falling behind’, or not grasping various concepts/tasks? Has your child received additional support at school and still not made the progress you believe they should have? Do you know how to support your child at home?

These questions, along with others, might just be the reason you would like to consider an educational assessment and find out why your child learns the way they do and what we can do about it through making informed decisions about their learning needs. Educational assessments reveal children’s individual learning abilities and preferences. This in turn enables us to give specific recommendations for home and school to improve their learning.

What does an Educational Assessment include?

CREATR Assessment and Learning provides an initial review of your child’s history - Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Family and School as well as School readiness assessments.

Standardised assessments

Cognitive Assessment (intelligence) - testing reveals strengths and​ weaknesses in key skills such as:​

  • Auditory processing
  • Processing speed
  • Verbal and non-verbal learning issues​

​Irlen Syndrome - the testing reveals core issues:

  • ​Visual dyslexia
  • Reading problems
  • School difficulties
  • Light sensitivity
  • Headaches and other physical symptoms

Academic Assessment - the testing reveals abilities in core academic areas such as:​

  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Mathematics

Ideally situated for families in Eltham, Greensborough, Bundoora, Watsonia, Bulleen, Doncaster, Warrandyte, Diamond Creek and Northern suburbs.

To book in for an assessment please contact us